Great Midwestern Home Inspections is dedicated to be a reliable and reputable partner in the home purchasing process. By joining other dedicated professionals, we help Great Midwestern families know the joy of home ownership.

We are positioned to be the first choice for Realtors and prospective Home Owners for their Home Inspection needs. We have been dedicated and committed to earning the needed qualifications, coupled with year’s of practical experience, to earn the trust and confidence for those needing Home Inspection services.

Steve Anderson is the principle of our company. Steve and Nora Anderson are pictured (right) on their rural acreage near Moingona, Iowa

Home Inspection is a family affair

Please review a partial list of Steve's credentials below:

+ nearly 35 years of residential home evaluations

+ American Society of Home Inspectors Member

+ American Home Inspections Training Graduate

+ National Home Inspector Examination certificate

+ ECANEDU Radon Course Graduate

+ National Radon Proficiency Program certificate

+ Licensed Home Inspector - State of Wisconsin

+ UW College of Engineering Residential Audit Course certificate

+ Bachelor of Science - Education

+ Executive Director - Wisconsin Geothermal Association

+ Advanced DIYer

Steve has been performing some type of home inspection, energy audit or evaluation for nearly 35 years. He has participated in nearly four decades of on-going training in HVAC, appliances, energy efficiency, building science, motors, lighting, renewable energy technologies and industrial processes.

Specific to the Home Inspection industry, Steve has been awarded certifications, recognition and membership consummate with top Home Inspectors in the Great Midwest.

Steve is one of the few licensed Home Inspectors in Iowa, holding that distinction from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

American Home Inspectors Training
Radon testing by certified professionals

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