Wood Destroying Insects, like termites, cause billions of dollars in property damage annually.

To help protect you new home, we have added professional pest inspection to our list of client offerings.

With one call to us we can make arrangements for a pest inspection professional to survey the property for these pests. A State-approved report will be produced after the inspection is complete.

The fee for the pest inspection will be included with your Home Inspection charges.

One call, one payment, that easy

· Termites date back to the time of dinosaurs,

· They can chew through wood undetected,

· 3000 known species of termites in the world,

· Termite queens have the longest lifespan of any insect in the world,

· They have a complex social structure,

· Termite colonies eat 24/7,

· The weight of all the termites in the world is more than the weight of all humans in the world,

· Termites have “friends” that can cause problems too - we inspect for them as well