We are pleased to be offering IR thermal imaging technology for our Home Inspection clients.

After sorting through many options, we selected the FLIR One Pro model.

FLIR is an international leader in IR technology and we were able to discuss product options with a FLIR representative at a recent continuing education meeting.

We have taken full advantage of manufacturer’s on-line training resources and we believe we have sufficient aptitudes to properly operate and use this state-of-the-art device.

The FLIR One Pro model features both a high resolution thermal cameras and an optical camera. The technology integrates input from both camera to produce an image that is easier to interpret.

Infrared thermal imaging cameras sense differences in surface temperatures, assigning the temperatures different colors.

In these two images the warmer temperatures are depicted in yellow/orange, cooler temperatures in shades of purple.

Proper interpretation of the thermal images is vitally important. In both cases the objects scanned were operating in normal temperature ranges.